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set - перевод с английского на русский , транскрипция...телевизор м.р. (TV set). Другие переводы
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Set - WikipediaSet, The Set, or SET may refer to: Set (mathematics), a collection of distinct elements or members. Category of sets, the category whose objects and morphisms are sets and total functions, respectively. Set (abstract data type), a data type in computer science that is a collection of unique
set - C++ ReferenceSet. Sets are containers that store unique elements following a specific order. In a set, the value of an element also identifies it (the value is itself the key, of type T), and each value must be
std::set - cppreference.comstd::set. std::set is an associative container that contains a sorted set of unique objects of type Key. Sorting is done using the key comparison function Compare. Search, removal, and insertion operations have logarithmic complexity. Sets are usually implemented as red-black
Set (Java Platform SE 7 )The Set interface places additional stipulations, beyond those inherited from the Collection interface, on the contracts of all constructors and on the contracts of the add , equals and hashCode
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